Stomach 36

Thursday, March 3, 2022 #selfcare #self_shiatsu

According to Eastern Medical Theory the Stomach meridian is a very long channel that flows down the front of the body. The Stomach and Spleen meridians are paired and they are primarily responsible for our digestion. These meridians are associated with the element of earth and with the fall season. I often think of linking these meridians to the wonderful harvests that we partake of in the fall, nourishing our bodies.

Stomach 36 is a wonderful shiatsu/acupuncture point that therapists use for a variety of reasons. It is found below the knee, on the lateral side of the tibia in the depression between the bone and muscle. It is often called the 'three-mile point'. People on pilgrimages would take rest stops every 3 miles. During these rests the travellers would hydrate and also apply pressure to this point on both legs. This would help alleviate fatigue so they could walk the next three miles with ease. 

Apart from helping leg fatigue this is also a good point to treat when you are experiencing nausea. The energy of the Stomach meridian runs downwards, so if the meridian flow changes direction you may experience nausea or heartburn. Treating this point can help reverse the direction of the energy and alleviate that nauseous feeling to good effect.

So try pressing this point if you're feeling leg fatigue or if  feeling a bit nauseous. Make sure you self-treat both legs. It has helped me in the past!



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