Yin and Yang

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

According to Eastern theory, yin and yang are two complementary forces that make up all aspects and phenomena of life.

The symbol of yin and yang represents perfect balance. But that's all it is — a symbol. Perfect balance is pretty well unattainable or fleeting at best. What many don't know is that this symbol of balance actually represents a continual flow of movement. Yin and yang form a transformational dance of polarities. One gives rise to the other and they are in relationship to each other. For example day becomes night, up becomes down, and without weakness we can't have strength.

This symbol is a wonderful reminder that everything is in motion. Every breath we take creates motion in our bodies: from muscles of the chest and abdomen moving, to circulation of blood and energy coursing through our bodies. Even when we are in rest we are in motion! We also have constant movement of thoughts and emotions that flow through us daily.

When we are feeling spacious and fluid we are able to accomodate all of this with ease. Often issues arise when we try to hold on, either physically, emotionally or mentally. In fact, in Eastern Medical Theory we all experience a wash of different emotions, and none of them have been labelled as 'bad'. It is only when we get stuck in one emotion for a long period that we need to address the imbalance in our system.

There are various ways to medically help our different imbalances whether they be physical, emotional, mental or a combination thereof. Additionally there are many self-care options that can help us on the road to better health.

For myself, meditation and/or spending time in nature is what I rely on day to day to help find a semblance of balance in my life. These activities instantly remind me to not get caught up in the stresses of the day. They also help me recognize that truth of life — a sense of harmony comes from allowing myself to slow down and appreciate the abundant ebb and flow of life. 

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